Saturday, March 28, 2009

Your brain on eggs

The other thing that hasn't changed of course is the cooked breakfast; the fry up— good old bacon and eggs: Apart from the basic essentials like a fried rasher, a sausage, an egg and some white toast and butter— it can be embellished with any number of things, like fried mushrooms or fried tomato, perhaps a fried kidney or some fried black or white pudding. Or, you can have the whole lot of it fried up on one plate.
I have a theory about my mother's brain tumor: She never used to have an Irish breakfast until her tumor got going good and strong. These days, she craves one every morning with double the butter. And she hoards extra butter in the fridge by her bed. I think she craves cholesterol laden foods because her brain, in a desperate bid for survival, demands them.
Mothers milk contains a massive amount of cholesterol, because without it our little ones couldn't survive. The brain needs a considerable amount of it to grow. Maybe that's why she seems to improve every day.

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