Friday, May 1, 2009

Forget the cheese whose the girl?

Well, most monks especially in this country have their moments of pleasure...
But this one is legit— In my other life I actually have a wife.
Ionah came over from Denver to visit and we bought some wonderful cheeses at Sheridans Cheese Shop on South Anne Street and we bought wine in O' Brians in Sandymount village where I grew up and we walked from Landsdown road into the city and back through Ballsbridge to Sandymount and walked the strand at low tide down to the Martello tower and along St Johns road to the old fencing school beside the vicarage, my Aunt's old house, now demolished, and down Park Avenue where we lived and back to Sandymount village and over to the hotel beside the rebuilt stadium where we feasted on the cheese and wine and fell asleep without saying our prayers at all and woke up on our knees and I dreamt that I saw trout in the river Dodder but it was just a shopping cart that I had seen in the bird sanctuary in Blackrock.

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  1. Is your wife rubbing her belly AND the top of her head at the same time? A good indication that she is a happy wife, both in her belly and in her mind.