Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lake Dorothy

We found the Arapahoe Pass trail and cut over to the Caribou trail taking us to Lake Dorothy at 12'100 feet. Didn't see any Caribou. Maybe they were here during the late Pleistocene, but were moved out or hunted out like the Arapahoe to make room for us white folk to enjoy these pristine trails without fear of terrorist activity.
All the way up with racing heart I could only think about my sandwich: Smoky, buttery Speck with mustard and Arzua Ulloa, a soft cow's milk cheese from Galicia. The bread, a German Rye style baked in Colorado Springs was given to us by the chimney Doctor, George who usually drops by the shop drowned in soot and trades the bread for Camembert. I imagine his soot blackened face absorbing creamy clean white Camembert.

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