Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Animal Ruminations

Come dinner time in my neck of the woods, most folks can be found pecking at plastic packages in the endless aisles of their local supermarket. Raised in cages or corralled knee high in shit filled lots, these produced for profit "packages" had little to live or to die for. They were hormoned to the hilt, fattened on genetically modified grain and thoroughly juiced on antibiotics. We change their name from cow to beef and from pig to pork. The further we are from the act and the knowledge of killing an animal, the easier it seems, it is to eat.
Another perhaps closer to the bone, but more honest way to eat your meat is to catch it and kill it yourself. As humans we have always taken life to maintain life be it animal or vegetable. We decide which animals and plants are pests and then dutifully destroy them by poison or by traps. We decide which ones to keep and cuddle as family and which ones to have for supper.
I am reminded of an obscure poem that I recently wrote:

Some won't eat a horse
and some will a cat
some won't eat a hog
and some will a bat
some will eat a dog
and a bitch
will eat a rat—

I don't know about you but if I were a four legged creature, I would rather live my life free and wild and fall by the hunter's hand than to spend my days in captivity and die by a processing tool called a cattle prod, and end up as a plastic package on a supermarket shelf.
One meat I cannot eat though is bunny. Rabbit, however is clearly a different matter. The following images show how to skin and gut a freshly killed rabbit. Thanks to Joel, from Easky, Ireland for providing the samples.
As a cautionary note: these images contain graphic content and should be shown to all teenagers.


  1. Hey Hugh- been thinking about you. I like the lesson on dressing a rabbit (or undressing as it should be called). I have a friend in Florida who blogs about stuff and you might be interested in reading his stuff- he comes from the same "vein":