Thursday, July 2, 2009

A visit from the man in black

The color black being thoroughly modern never goes out of style—especially in urban habitats where the Anglo Saxon dwells, as in the coffee shops of Dublin or Denver. Every few years the global fashion pundits, in a declaration of co-dependence approve black to be accentuated with grey.

The Monsignor thus entered the room fashionably attired in black slacks and grey collarless shirt. He could have been just another soul tapping away on his laptop in any urban coffee shop. Oblivious to his fashion cool, he strode into the room bearing his gifts of charm and mirth. After some light chatting he offered a blessing to my mother. A spontaneous rambling of sorts, delivered in the relaxed manner of a seasoned professional. None of the old school catholic dogma— a prayer for every occasion— suitably dull and dour. This was an upbeat offering; sincere and contemporary. He conferred his blessing for peace, love and understanding upon her. Forgiveness and its inherent allusion to sin wasn't mentioned. The Monsignor, judging by not only his fashion sense is clearly a modern guy.

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  1. Hello Señor O'Neill.
    I'm enjoying your blog. Most postings make me hungry, sans the rabbit skinning. This posting however, makes me think you should write a book... a combination of your writings and photographs.